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Mendon Neighborhoods 

Dann Corner (Rt15A and Honeoye Falls No.6 Rd) 

Ford Corner (W. Bloomfield Rd and Cheese Factory Rd) 

Hamlet of Mendon (Rt64 and Rt251)                                                                                            
Are you looking to build? Shone Circle has many lots available on over an acre of land to build your custom Sickles dream home. 

Meadows of Mendon Stables (W. Bloomfield Rd and Boughton Hill Rd) 

Mendon Farms (Off Mile Square Rd: Drumlin View Dr/Hopper Hills Way)                         
Minutes away from

Mendon Golf Club and the heart of Mendon
(Mid-1980’s 2,000+sq ft single-family homes range from $300-$400K) 

Millstone Acres (Off Mile Square Rd: Kingsbridge Ln/Chillington Ln)                                                Colonials set on ample lots close to

Lehigh Valley Trail (1980’s 2,000+ Mid $300K) 

Moran Center (Rt15A and Monroe St) 

Rochester Junction (Rt251 and Rt65) 

Sibleyville (Rt15A and Sibley Rd) 

Tomlinson Corners (Rt64 and Boughton Hill Rd)  

Trout Creek (Mendon Ionia to Trout Creek) 
Custom homes on large lots (Mid $300-$500k) close to Mendon Golf Club and 20 Deep Winery 

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