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The Village of Honeoye Falls

HONEOYE FALLS is a village in the town of MENDON in MONROE COUNTY NEW YORK. 
The village derived its name from the small waterfall which flows through the village on HONEOYE CREEK. 

Motto: ‘Come for the charm, stay for the experience’ 

Wikipedia informs me: The name Honeoye means lying finger or where the finger lies 
it comes from the Seneca Indian word ha-ne-a-ya

The name comes from the local story of a Native American whose finger was bitten by a rattlesnake and who therefore cut off his finger with a tomahawk.  

Now I ask, Are rattlesnakes prevalent in Upstate NY?  
So, I consulted google and the answer is: Yes, we do have rattlesnakes in the Rochester region.  

The article quotes: “Rochester region is along the northern edge of where Timber rattlesnakes are known to live, and they’re typically active from mid-May to October, according to the State Dept Environmental Conservation fact sheet.”  

FACTS: Honeoye Falls 

#1-Located a 25-minute commute from Rochester, NY 

#2-Jim Cheney states: “The portion of Honeoye Falls where the waterfall is located was the first area  settled in the village. In his March 8, 2022 article: How to Get to Honeoye Falls in Monroe County, NY


#3-The village was founded in 1791 by Zebulon Norton when he purchased 1,820 acres of land for the price of 12½ cents per acre. He built a grist mill and later a sawmill at a waterfall on Honeoye Creek. 

#4-In 1827, Hiram Finch built a second mill, which would come to be called the Lower Mill

     Note: On May 17, 1973, the Lower Mill was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

#5-The Honeoye Falls Historic District, St, John’s Episcopal Church, Totiakton Site, and US Post Office are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

#6-The village is in the most southeastern corner of Monroe County, 13 miles outside of the City of  Rochester. 

#7-The village has a total area of 2.6 square miles. 

#8-The school mascot is the Cougar. 

Honeoye Falls

EVENTS: Honeoye Falls 

#1-Good Vibes Flowing  
     Tuesday Evening Summer Concert Series 
     Location: Harry Allen Park Village  

#2-Festival on the Green and 5kRun and Walk 
     popular music and art event for local talent.  
     No Dates Available 

#3-Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School’s Fall Weekend in Honeoye Falls 
     No Dates Available 

EVENTS: Mendon 

#1-Mendon Fireman’s Carnival  
     June 1-3 2023 

#2-Mendon Foundation’s Black Diamond Trail Races  
     August 28, 2022 Half Marathon starts 8:00am| 5K starts 8:20am 
     Location: Lehigh Valley Trail 
     More Details: 

Lehigh Valley Trail

PARKS: Honeoye Falls 

#1-Harry Allen Park N. Main St (in the heart of the village) 
#2-Mendon Ponds Park 95 Douglas Rd  
#3-Monroe Street Park Monroe Street (on the western edge of the village) 
#4-Rotary Park 214 N. Main St (just north of the cemetery)  
#5-Village “Vest Pocket Park” W. Main St (directly across from the Norton St.) 
     Note: Home of the famous Honeoye Falls Totem Pole 

 PARKS: Mendon 

#1-Driesbach Fields Semmel Road (.87 miles east of Quaker Meeting House Road) 

#2-Great Bend Park State Route 65/Clover St (.43 miles south of Stoney Lonesome Rd) 

#3-Lehigh Valley Trail (Chamberlain Road| Quaker Meeting House Road| Clover Road) 
#3-Mendon Center Park State Route 251/Rush Mendon Rd (.1mi east of Mendon Center Rd)  

#4-Semmel Road Park Semmel Road (.37 miles east of Quaker Meeting House Road) 


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