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May 2022 Real Estate Market Update

Sales Price

The average sales price is literally off the charts. The month of May has pushed us to an average sales price of $200,000 for the entire Rochester region. Looking back to January 2009 you can see a low of $92,950, giving us a 115% rise in average sales price.

Price Per SQFT

The median price per square foot in the entire Rochester region.

Days on Market

Median days on market in the entire Rochester region.

Homes For Sale

Total homes for sale in the entire Rochester region.

New Listings & Closed Sales

In Conclusion

I decided to take a macro view this month of the Rochester, NY real estate market. Honestly, the data is quite staggering. Since January 2020 our supply has drastically dropped and has since been painting lower lows. The sales price has obviously increased to follow the lack of supply. The demand is a bit harder to chart although I have found an interesting discrepancy in new listings and closed sales. Both of these factors have not had drastic changes leading me to believe the current market is being led by higher demand as well as a lock of supply.

Buying a home right now may feel discouraging. Although, it doesn’t have to be discouraging. I can navigate you through the market and assist you in achieving your real estate goals.

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