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March 2022 Market Update

The spring market is here and the data is in for the month of March!

Sales Price

From a technical point of view, we are looking to have a very strong year. In terms of sales price we’ve painted a higher low on the chart and are already approaching the 2021 June high of $210,000.

New Listings

Comparing new listings to March of 2021 we have 41 more listings than last year. Using history as a guide we can expect to top out in June at around 1,200 new listings

Days on Market

Not too much has changed in regards to days on market. You can expect me to be able to sell your home within a week in the current market.

What does this mean? This means selling your home will be a quick process with a week of showings.

Showings Per Listing

Here is what to expect in terms of showings per listing. There will be a lot of traffic and this traffic is what you want as it directly correlates with higher sales prices. I have the ability to manage this traffic as well as vetting potential buyers.

In Conclusion

We are in a strong seller’s market providing you a great opportunity to sell your home. Staying current with the valuation of your home is important whether you plan to sell or not. I will be happy to provide you with a professional comparative market analysis of your home.

Buying a home right now may feel discouraging. Although you are not alone, I can assist you with every step of the transaction and help you navigate through the market

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