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Boynton House | Frank Lloyd Wright

The Boynton House is a Frank Lloyd Wright Home on East Blvd in. Rochester, NY. I happened to drive by, find this house and took a double-take. I love Frank Frank Lloyd Wright and realized right away that this is one of his pieces.

Frank Lloyd Wright is a revolutionary architect who lived from June 8, 1867, to April 9, 1959. His architecture is beyond unique and is built to be one with the earth, integrating structures with its surroundings instead of being separate from them. Throughout his career, he has designed over 1,000 structures. Here is an article on some of his amazing pieces.

The Boynton home is special because it’s the only home in Rochester designed by Wright. Our Rochester marvel is one of the few privately owned single-family homes by Frank Lloyd Wright. The videos below tour the Boynton House and show the restoration that took place.

Article by the Landmark Society on the home.

Top Frank Lloyd Wright homes.

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